Kimber Shook

Fiction and Non-Fiction Writer, Screenwriter, Crochet Designer

Kimber Shook – Author of Destiny Unhinged, Christmas Ornaments to Crochet & Embellish, Wine Cozies to Crochet & Embellish and several other projects in the works. 

Her first screenplay Vengeance in Heels along with her second Foreign Enlistment are soon available to be optioned.


Kimber writes Science Fiction, Romance and Non-Fiction.

She blogs about books, authors and how to get things down with minimal effort and maximum results.

She write Screenplays to help make a dream of being on a movie set a possibility.


Kimber’s been crocheting since she was 8, which makes it over 40+ years of perfecting her ability and craft.

She continues to publish and share her designs with other co-lovers of this creative hobby both through her Etsy Shop as well as Amazon and other online retailers.


Having overcome shyness growing up, she battles being an introvert daily with dreams and desires of an extrovert.

Believing in oneself and the universe’s endless miracles have helped her pursue her own dreams while she desires to share her passion with others in hopes it helps them to achieve their own.